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A Range of Container Solutions from FCS (Newark) Limited

Whatever your storage needs, at FCS we have the solution. As specialists in container hire and lease of all static and land-based container storage applications, we supply both the commercial and domestic markets, with depots throughout the UK at major locations.
We offer a wide range of container types and specifications available for static storage in the UK. Our Temperature Controlled units are perfect if your items are sensitive to heat, cold or humidity. For temperature and humidity control with added security and product monitoring. If you simply need a safe, dry storage space, our Steel Storage units are ideally suited. All our units are available in 20ft and 40ft sizes and we also offer a range of other container types, including tanks, for food grade liquids or hazardous products.
Think of a Secure Storage container as space added to your premises. You can use it to keep anything you would put in a storeroom - or in your garage at home!

Our containers come in 20ft and 40ft units, in other words, a storeroom that's either 20ft or 40ft long. A 20ft unit contains 22 cubic metres of usable capacity, while a 40ft unit contains 54 cubic metres. That's a lot of storage!

If you're storing items on pallets, a 20ft unit can take 8 "euro" pallets (1,200cm x 800cm) or 7 "metric" pallets (1,200cm x 1,000cm). A 40ft unit will accommodate 21 "euro" pallets or 18 "metric" pallets.

Almost everything under the sun - here is just a small sample from a very long list...
Secure Storage (dry ambient containers)
Paper, cards, cars, motor parts, motorbikes, lawnmowers, shelving, packaging materials, TVs, electrical goods, building materials, retail items, canned goods, dry foodstuffs, fireworks, furniture, carpets, paintings, paint, DIY, lighting, computers, clothing, animal feed, bottled water, mobile phones, shoes, furniture, ceramics, aggregates,  pipes, packaging,toilet rolls toys,biscuits,soft drinks tea, sweets, chocolate.

Temperature controlled
Frozen food, chilled food, cultures, pharmaceuticals, research products, chemicals (non-hazardous), cars (emission-testing), beer, wine, fresh food, vegetables, fruit, processed food, poultry, rubber, cheese, ready meals, olives, venison, pheasant, sausages, salad, rape seed oil, ice cream, cakes, wine, beer, flowers, juice concentrates, .

Yes, due to our stringent non-contamination policy and for health & safety reasons there are some items we only allow in dedicated, unique use containers.

These include:

  • Rubbish House hold or Commercial
  • Builder's rubble
  • Raw or Rotting foodstuffs
  • Animal Hides
  • Cement
  • Cement mixers
  • Clay
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Corrosive materials
  • Hospital waste
  • Corpses


Temperature Controlled
Keep food products frozen, drinks chilled, chemicals or lab samples warm or cold. Whatever you need to store, our Temperature Controlled units will ensure your items stay at their ideal product temperature.

The low noise units are some of the quietest available in the UK, reducing environmental noise issues. Also, their revolutionary design means they are highly efficient and environmentally friendly producing power savings of up to 30% compared with standard marine temperature controlled containers.

Secure Steel Storage Containers
These units are ideal for storing non-temperature sensitive goods. Adaptable and portable, they are a great source of extra space for growing businesses, whether used as a lock up or storeroom space, to even, as extra workspace in your premises.

Available in 20ft (6.1m) and 40ft (12.2m) sizes, containers may be used to store a wide variety of products and materials for the short, medium or long term. They are available in grades appropriate to the product to be stored, including food grade.

Humidity Controlled and Combined Temperature Controlled Dual Operating Equipment
Units up to 50ft x 24ft are the secure, on-site storage solution for high value goods and perishables - from art and antiques to film stock, pharmaceuticals and toxins. By adding or extracting moisture from the air (or sometimes both) these containers can maintain, increase or decrease the relative humidity inside the containers, creating the ideal storage environment for your products.

Equipment is available for Sale & Rental, subject to availability, credit & payment terms and is subject to contract.

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